Sunday, February 19, 2012

It's piggybank time!

This post is also about Eden, which may temporarily make my blog an aunty blog (not to be confused with a Mommy blog).

It is also about my sister Charity, who shares the privilege of being Eden's aunt. It is important to know that both Charity and Eden like to sing, and that they frequently sing to each other. It is also important to know that they are very good at this.* And that they make up their own songs (both the tune and the words), and that they sometimes communicate this way for half hours at a time, for whole days at a time. It is a remarkable thing to behold. During one such time, Charity was singing to Eden that she needed to eat, and Eden was singing her reply (i.e., her unwillingness to eat). Imagine if you will, a cute, catchy tune. Also keep in mind that at the time of this sing-songy conversation, Eden was 3ish.

C: It's eating time.

E: It's not time to eat, it's money time.

C: It's play time.

E: No, no, no. It's not time to play, it's money time.

(And so on. Always ending with Eden shaking her finger and singing that it was money time.)

Two years pass. Christmas passed. It is now. Charity (who loves the Oregon Ducks) got an Oregon Duck pillow pet for Christmas. Enter Eden (who has her own pillow pet).

E: I wish I could have that pillow pet.

C: You already have a pillow pet.

E: I'll switch you!

C: I don't want to switch. Santa gave it to me for my Christmas present. Don't you want me to have what Santa wanted to give me? (Thinking she would respect Santa.)

E: I'll give you money!

C: No.

E: Please, I'll give you money.

C: No. I don't want your money.

E: Please, I just really want that pillow pet.

I knew she was serious, purely by how serious she is about her money. It also inspired me to leave her the following note, with the majority of my non-European change.

Apparently she loved it. Apparently she could also read every word. But "money."

*At my granny's funeral, immediately following my aunt and cousin's lovely rendition of "I'll Fly Away," Eden whispered, "They sing beautiful just like I sing beautiful."

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