Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Nicknames I have been given over the course of my life.

(In approximate order.)

+Ray Charles
+Rach E. Bob
+Little Tiny Girl
+Little Peanut
+Rachel "Radiation" Hunt
+Ray Ray
+Precious Rachel
+Patience Rachel
+Yellow Bird
+Baby Girl
+Baby G.
+Dear Heart
+Rachel the Elder
+Madam Librarian
And so forth.

The following video has many gems, as those who have watched it well know, but one particular gem/piece of wisdom concerns the fact that you can't give yourself a nickname. Rather, they are something that must be bestowed upon you. I think that is why I am so fond of them. Each one ties you to someone else, and invokes a memory of place or time or whole groups of persons. I still remember being a small child and opening up presents on Christmas day addressed to 'Rapunzel' 'Rach E. Bob' and 'Bobbie,' and knowing that they were just for me. From that same period of life, I can still hear my dad call me 'Little Peanut,' and my mom: 'Little Tiny Girl.' From high school I remember running by the pole vault pit during a race and having my friends shout, "Rackel! Rackel! Rackel!" at the top of their lungs, and being able to push harder with their encouragement. Then there is the fact that Meg and Kristina still call me 'Baby Girl' on occasion, like they did when we were 19, and Francesco (and his wife) still call me 'Precious.' It sure makes a girl feel loved (and also known).

'Rach' and 'Rachie' remain my favorite nicknames, because they are almost always spoken by a family member or best friend.

What are some of your nicknames? Favorites/least favorites? What do you wish were some of your nicknames? (I have one that I wish was on my own list, and that I definitely tried to make myself. I was always sad when I was small that we were called Mormons and wanted to be called Nephites, so distinctly remember writing my sister a note during sacrament that said, "Love, Rachel, the Nephite Princess.")


Newt said...

Also, Rachie-Rach and Rachie-pup and Rachel McRacherson. I think I have called you all of those to your face.

Anonymous said...

What about "Patience Rachel?"

Elizabeth said...

These are good names.

Speaking of nicknames, I may have accidentally given myself a nickname last week..."Muscles".

Natalie Percival said...

I feel like you got another name, tied to the fact that you and Rhinehart shared the same first name. Maybe it was just Rachel 1 or Rachel 2. Or maybe there wasn't any specific nickname, and we just called you Hunt and liked that you companions shared a (secret) name?
As for me, I collected "Cookie" in Stockton, which I like and still remember the sign for. The nickname I've collected and don't like is Nat. People have tried to call me that my whole life, but all I hear is Gnat or Matt and refuse to answer. I've tried to pick out nicknames for myself too, but they never catch on. So they become account names and such. Which is nearly as clever.

Rachel Hunt said...

Katie-Newt: Added.

Patience Rachel? Also added.

Klemm: I need to here that story. You are a strong one, so it seems fitting. :)

Natalie: Now that you remind me, that sounds right, but I can't seem to think of what mine was. I just remember everyone calling S. Rhinehart "Rhiney," and calling Sis. Guancia, "Mama Guancia." I also remember the exact family that called you Cookie. They were a hoot.

Newt said...

I just remembered, we called my college roommie Squanto as well. So funny!