Thursday, February 2, 2012

Let go my lego.

Once upon a time, this little lego man appeared in S's pocket. It was post our arrival in Europe, and while it was immediately recognized as belonging to our four year old nephew, Ettienne, neither of us knew exactly how it got there. We could only assume that it had something to do with our brief and recent stay at his house outside NYC before flying over the Atlantic. S had the brilliant (though soon forgotten idea) that we take pictures of the lego everywhere that we traveled. Unfortunately, it was photographed in exactly one place: Nice, France. Fortunately, it traveled to many more. These additional places include (but are not limited to) Milan, Italy; Venice, Italy; Trieste, Italy; Ljubljana, Slovenia; Split, Croatia; Brac, Croatia; Zagreb, Croatia, and Vienna, Austria.

When we arrived at that resting point we were sure to let little Ettienne know that his lego was safe, and every time we talked to him after that, he was sure to ask us if his lego was okay, and also when he would get him back. Yes, he is okay. In fact, he is more than okay: he is well traveled. And soon. The little lego man will hopefully be returned soon. He has already made it back to America. He has already been left with the grandparents for quicker placement.

Here S is with the little non-lego guy (top right) as well as two more nice nephews.


steenblikrs said...

Sensei Woow saw the world with us, great memories! Thanks Etienne for letting him come with us.

Kiersten S. Gallacher said...

Just showed them your very thoughtful post Rahcel ~
Etienne: "He's still okay? Wooopphh!!"
Elijah: "It's actually Cole not Sensei Woow"
Both: "Hiiiiii Aunt Rachel, Uncle Spencer!"

Can't resist the micorcosm of your well-being in all lego guy experienced:
"....he is more than okay: He is well traveled . . .he has already made it back to America."

Bisous to you both :)

Rachel Hunt said...

Kiersten, we loved all three of your comments. My favorite might be Elijah's because I can hear his little voice saying it, and the exact tone. Pretty funny. Ma and Pa Steenblik said they would take care of getting him your way. Let us know when it happens.