Friday, December 12, 2008

My hot water heater has been broken for three days.

The landlord has been informed, and more than once a large van has been parked in front of my house for several hours at a time with the pretense of fixers fixing it, but still to no avail. I am not too thrilled about this.

More than anything, I feel like its just bad timing, because I'm already stressed about school/finals/final projects and presentations that it seems like a bigger thing to me than it probably is, as it has made something easy into something harder, that I have to think about. I now have a new appreciation of the marvel of turning a faucet and getting water that is not freezing, and in the meantime I have taken to boiling water for baths.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Vegan Friendly

Remember two months ago when I went to the grocery store and bought eggs and milk and yogurt, and then read a book that week that made me decide to be vegan, so I didn't use any of it and should have offered it to my roommates before letting it sit in the fridge until I/they decided to throw it out? I do. Why do I remember this now, you may ask? Because yesterday marked the third time I chose to temporarily suspend my veganism. The reason? So I could eat crepes with Lisa at this place:

I'd say it was worth it.

The first two times I suspended my veganism:
1. to eat my roommate's homemade apple pie.
2. pretty much the whole week of Thanksgiving, which was not as worth it. I did still manage to be vegetarian and as vegan as possible in a large, semi-unfamiliar city with people who were happy eating Costco's polish dogs.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

What I live on

herbal tea (peach or raspberry)
vanilla soy milk
orange juice
tofurky sausage
baby carrots
salad (just sometimes)
whole wheat bread
vegan brownie bites
vegan crepes w/ sauted vegetables
ginger tofu w/ noodles
humus and pita bread

Friday, December 5, 2008

Weekend visitor

Miss Kristina of the District is flying to me and my Boston tonight. This makes my heart glad, especially because it used to be her Boston too, so we can show each other things. And while I've been privileged to see lots of friends from my Utah days (Drew, Francesco, Jendar, Rachel and Dave, Courtney and Quin, and of course Max and Betty) Kristina is the first that is staying with me. Yippee!!!! The fun we will have!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Current Musical Obsessions

Ryan Adams' new album Cardinology.

Magnetic Fields' Book of Love.

I can't stop listening. I can't.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What I want to do in Utah:

read books I actually want to read. i.e., not books about books.
hold Eden. love Eden.
read kid books and poems aloud with Charity.
pizzeria 712.
Jessica 712.
her art show! which I'm glad will be up all month.
Nathan's new restaurant. the pennyroyal cafe.
hot chocolate club, and maybe churros.
drink said hot chocolate in the mug I am purchasing from Greg. that has a bike on it, and a robot. (I am so lucky)
snow shoe.
ice skate.
make snow flakes.
SLC temple. SLC lights.
be the boggle ultimate champion against Lia for the second consecutive year.
fall in love. kind of joking, kind of not.
visit byu. and professors. particularly Paulsen.
visit special collections. and Gary. and John Murphy (who is a Simmons alum).
go to provo's toddler time with Lia and Eden. talk to that librarian.
nostalgic christmas 2? I am crossing my fingers.
d nights. which I miss with all my heart.
Drew's show at Kilby.
January critical mass. assuming my bikes working/isn't missing.
January gallery stroll.
Spencer and Kim's wedding reception.
eat crepes. which is actually what I want to do here too.
be with Meg and Becca. sleep over.
see Becca's movie at sundance.

Home is not far away.

Ten days until Utah!  I am thanking the heavens for this.  Now here is hoping I can make it through school. Ugh.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A break of thanks

Highlights: The L.A. Zoo (especially the lions roar, the weather, and the green, green trees).  The land of Disney. Riding Space Mountain over and over, thanks to the magic of fast passes. Running into Brei and Daniel. My cute, cute nieces. My sole nephew who is so charming. Meeting Hyrum and Pegah's puppies. Learning their good news. Getting tons of music from Hyrum. Watching Az and Bella play pinball. The delicious Persian feast prepared by Pegah's grandmas. Watching the Laker game with true Laker fans. The Pacific Ocean. Seeing my cousins. Hearing everyone's favorite memories of Grandma Zena. Being shown all Vegas has to offer.

Sweet Azure and the Zoo.


By the end we were all this tired.

Hy's puppies!

Saturday day:
The ocean that I love.
My nieces that I love (minus Eden and Alice) and a blanket of sand.
Saturday eve:
Zena, Warrior Grandma, memory sharing, laughter, tears, etc.

All in all, it was a good week.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Good news. Birth News.

April, sweet, beautiful April, had her baby girl, who is likewise sweet, and likewise beautiful.  How could she not be with April as a mother?  Little Emily is honestly so lucky to be part of that family.  I cannot even explain.  I have so many good thoughts, and feelings, and memories of April.  In fact, most memories I have from growing up are tied to April in some way, including those that are most embarrassing and awkward.  I'm glad she could be there with me to share my obsessions of Canada, Much Music, cheesy poems, toilet papering, swing sets, ice cream, grilled cheese, soccer fields, stars, trampolines, sweater vests,  church dances, water, and passed notes.  

April is one of my oldest friends, and certainly one of my best friends, and through all of these things I have learned how remarkably kind she is, as well as genuine, patient, and fun.  I also admire how easy and natural it is for her to make everyone feel included.  She is also hard working, faithful, nurturing, and a fantastic photographer.  I'm sure Emily's life and childhood will be well documented, that she will always be well dressed, and that she will grow up listening to great music.  If she shares the same love of track and field as her father, she will do so well and be so fast, because she has good genes, so I kind of hope that that happens.  Anyway,  I know that all of April and Aaron's traits will make them excellent parents.  How truly lucky for Emily.  
Pretty April. 

Pretty Emily.

Shipping up to Boston

I'm in the Vegas airport again, about to get on my plane to Boston. I am so tired now and will be so, so tired when I arrive, as I don't sleep very well in places other than beds, but I am happy. And while I had a lovely trip (of which I will write more later), I am actually glad to be going back, and even glad to start doing my homework again. I am taking this as a very, very good sign.