Saturday, December 6, 2008

What I live on

herbal tea (peach or raspberry)
vanilla soy milk
orange juice
tofurky sausage
baby carrots
salad (just sometimes)
whole wheat bread
vegan brownie bites
vegan crepes w/ sauted vegetables
ginger tofu w/ noodles
humus and pita bread


Jendar said...

so you like tofuturkey sausage or whatever thats called? i kind of want to try them. im not a big fan of fake meat, but i should give it a try. also, what book did you read that made you become a vegan? im not considering veganism yet, as i really love being a vegetarian, but i would like to read a bit about it. let me know the name of the book that convinced you.maybe it will do the same to me.

Lauren Kay said...

I just found this and thought you might might appreciate it.

I hope you're having a wonderful day!

Rachel. said...

Jendar: I love, Love tofurkey sausage. As does our beloved friend Abby. Ask her. The three siblings I got to try it weren't that impressed, but they also eat meat. I think that you as a non-meat eater might be able to appreciate it. The book was Skinny Bitch. You should borrow it when you come visit me. It's interesting and pretty funny. I even should read it again. Have you read Omnivore's Dilemma? I got it for Christmas.

Lauren: Thank you! You are wonderful!