Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What I want to do in Utah:

read books I actually want to read. i.e., not books about books.
hold Eden. love Eden.
read kid books and poems aloud with Charity.
pizzeria 712.
Jessica 712.
her art show! which I'm glad will be up all month.
Nathan's new restaurant. the pennyroyal cafe.
hot chocolate club, and maybe churros.
drink said hot chocolate in the mug I am purchasing from Greg. that has a bike on it, and a robot. (I am so lucky)
snow shoe.
ice skate.
make snow flakes.
SLC temple. SLC lights.
be the boggle ultimate champion against Lia for the second consecutive year.
fall in love. kind of joking, kind of not.
visit byu. and professors. particularly Paulsen.
visit special collections. and Gary. and John Murphy (who is a Simmons alum).
go to provo's toddler time with Lia and Eden. talk to that librarian.
nostalgic christmas 2? I am crossing my fingers.
d nights. which I miss with all my heart.
Drew's show at Kilby.
January critical mass. assuming my bikes working/isn't missing.
January gallery stroll.
Spencer and Kim's wedding reception.
eat crepes. which is actually what I want to do here too.
be with Meg and Becca. sleep over.
see Becca's movie at sundance.


Lisa H. said...

let's go to paris creperie! are you still vegan?

Rachel. said...

yes, but I probably wouldn't be for one day, just to eat there with you. is it the place with the nutella hot cocoa? if so, then I am double in.

Kerianne said...

FUN! It makes ME want to be in Utah, except I am. So I guess it makes me NOT want to be in School. I'm glad you get to come home from the holidays. From what I hear school is crazy and good. Almost home sista!

Jendar said...

your christmas vacation sounds like so much fun!!! im sort of jealous! especially cause you'll get to see becca's movie!!!!!! i want to see it so badly. ill be so far away! in a beautiful warm island though. so i guess is okay. good luck with finals.

Lesshalynn said...

You did a lot of those things!!!