Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The perks of desert living.

The cold is not a piercing cold.
Straightened hair stays straight.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dear everyone,

I haven't written for awhile. I am sorry. I have been tired, and a little bit busy--attending book readings, crafting papers, preparing presentations, other general finishing of my term, playing nanny, meeting Danny Ainge, visiting New York, flying across the country, and eating pizza.

Of my fall semester the truest thing I can say is that it was hard. The second truest thing I can say is that it was good: I liked my classes, my program, and my classmates.

Now after boarding a plane, and being in far too many cities in one day, I am in Provo, and have been for a little while. I am currently sitting on a couch in my family's home, where there is a picture of me in a frame, in the entry way, and where a 3 year old girl runs down the stairs in the morning yelling my name.

Since my return, my sister Charity has called me Pocahontas, my niece Eden has called me Charity, I've read 3 1/2 books, watched 2 movies, seen a small handful of friends, failed to settle Catan, had numerous kitchen and living room dance parties with my sisters/niece, admired the lights at Temple Square (though I was cold and maybe hungry), remembered that the Broadway is my favorite movie theater in all of the US and that Ritter Sport Marzipan is my favorite candy in all of the world, watched more sports in a single night than I watched in an entire year (Go Cougs/Lakers!), passed my 3 year mark home from my mission, and delivered cookies/Christmas caroled with my family.

I can feel how good it is to be here.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I went to bed at 4:30 am today, then woke up at 9:00 am today. I ate cereal today. I drank raspberry tea today. I finished an 18 page paper today. I am wearing my glasses today. I walked through wind and slush today. I took a taxi to school today. I am sitting in class today. I gave a 15 minute speech today. I ate vegan pizza today. I might get a hair cut today. I want to sleep today. Blah Blah Blah today.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Playing House, pt. 2

A very few of the darling conversations, recorded for posterity:

C (girl, age 2): Rachel?

Me: Yes, Courtney?

C: Penguins are better than ducks.

Me: Okay, Courtney.

S (girl, age 4): That's a fishy face. That's a kissy face. That's a grumpy face. That's a ghost face. That's a black ghost face. Thats a closing book face.

C: That's Sidney's water bottle. That's my water bottle. If Sidney drinks from mine, she'll get germs in it.

C: That plate is for Santa's cookies, but Santa's not real.

A (boy, age 7): (At the office). Oh, I just sit around and watch the news.

Me: Which news?

A: They're trying to wreck a car. That's the bad news. The good news is the president is getting married.

Me: I really love that book.

A (said totally sincerely): Are you going to marry the book?

Me: No. I want to marry a boy. Not a book.

A: You can always ask Santa for it for Christmas.

Me (unspoken): A boy or a book?

Playing house, pt. 1

For the second time this year, I spent three consecutive days and nights house/baby sitting for my friend Kristina's sister. The experience made me want children both more and less.

Playtime at the park.
A child sitting in my lap.
Bedtime stories.
Prayer time.
General tucking in time.
Riding little bikes in basements.
Tender feelings from reading The Giving Tree.
Watching Harry Potter together and eating Pirate's Booty.
The magic of witnessing three children walk out into first snow.
Darling conversation after darling conversation.

Getting everyone in socks and shoes.
Getting everyone in coats/sweaters.
Getting everyone out the door.
Getting anyone to eat.
Getting anyone to eat the same thing.
Driving on unknown roads while three little ones and an annoying GPS voice simultaneously clamored for my attention.
Getting three children fed, bathed, and dressed for church by myself.
Subsequently sitting with those children in sacrament by myself.

Still, with these pictures in mind, I think the "mores" have it.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fall reads, pt. 2.

Reading now: