Monday, December 7, 2009

Playing House, pt. 2

A very few of the darling conversations, recorded for posterity:

C (girl, age 2): Rachel?

Me: Yes, Courtney?

C: Penguins are better than ducks.

Me: Okay, Courtney.

S (girl, age 4): That's a fishy face. That's a kissy face. That's a grumpy face. That's a ghost face. That's a black ghost face. Thats a closing book face.

C: That's Sidney's water bottle. That's my water bottle. If Sidney drinks from mine, she'll get germs in it.

C: That plate is for Santa's cookies, but Santa's not real.

A (boy, age 7): (At the office). Oh, I just sit around and watch the news.

Me: Which news?

A: They're trying to wreck a car. That's the bad news. The good news is the president is getting married.

Me: I really love that book.

A (said totally sincerely): Are you going to marry the book?

Me: No. I want to marry a boy. Not a book.

A: You can always ask Santa for it for Christmas.

Me (unspoken): A boy or a book?

1 comment:

bing said...

i also would like to marry a boy, but sometimes i feel finding a good book that changes my life is much easier then finding a boy that will do the same thing.