Monday, December 7, 2009

Playing house, pt. 1

For the second time this year, I spent three consecutive days and nights house/baby sitting for my friend Kristina's sister. The experience made me want children both more and less.

Playtime at the park.
A child sitting in my lap.
Bedtime stories.
Prayer time.
General tucking in time.
Riding little bikes in basements.
Tender feelings from reading The Giving Tree.
Watching Harry Potter together and eating Pirate's Booty.
The magic of witnessing three children walk out into first snow.
Darling conversation after darling conversation.

Getting everyone in socks and shoes.
Getting everyone in coats/sweaters.
Getting everyone out the door.
Getting anyone to eat.
Getting anyone to eat the same thing.
Driving on unknown roads while three little ones and an annoying GPS voice simultaneously clamored for my attention.
Getting three children fed, bathed, and dressed for church by myself.
Subsequently sitting with those children in sacrament by myself.

Still, with these pictures in mind, I think the "mores" have it.

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