Saturday, February 18, 2012

A conversation during sacrament.

With Eden, my five year old niece who I love and used to live with (when she was a 5 month old baby to a 2 year old baby).

Sacrament starting...

E: It is so hard not to talk.

R: Do you know what the Sacrament is for?

E: There's bread. And water!

R: It's when we remember Jesus.

E: I heard he died and went to heaven.

Quickly followed by:

E: Did they bury him?

R: They put him in a tomb.

E: I know what that is. It's where the vampires go.

R: (Apparently laughing)

E: Don't laugh!

At this point I whipped out some paper, handed it to the little lady, and scrounged up some markers from my more prepared mother. Eden drew me, and then I drew Eden. She colored both (which coloring may or may not highlight the difficulty every child faces in choosing a skin color for Caucasians....). Enjoy!


Jim McKee said...

When I was a kid, I used peach.

amber said...

Has she sang you her vampire song that she made up? The one where she sings "We're all coming to get you. We're all coming to kill you" or something of the like? Adorable and really creepy at the same time. She's got talent.

Rachel Hunt said...

Jim: Peach is hard to come by in marker sets, but is definitely always a good crown choice.

Amber: I am sad to say that I Haven't heard it! I have heard her sing many other songs, so can clearly imagine her sounding both adorable and creepy. Also, last time I was there she and her cousin Azure started a band together. They made a poster, practiced daily, and performed for us. It was simply amazing.