Wednesday, January 25, 2012

January 23, 2012: In Memoriam.

Two more notes: My dad told me exactly why he felt so alone in the world. It hinges on this: he is suddenly the oldest generation--indeed, the oldest of the oldest generation. He felt the most joy and comfort not in being around me or my siblings (though I'm sure that helped), he felt the most joy and comfort in being around my siblings' kids, or "the new generation," as he called it. The second note was something said by my dad in his talk. He shared that someone once asked David O. McKay what dying was like. David O. McKay answered that it was simple, "Like walking into another room." It reminded me of something Neal A. Maxwell also said about death: It is not an exclamation point, but merely a comma. Faith and hope help so much during these times, it is amazing.

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Cumorah said...

Even if somehow I am wrong, and this life really is all we have {which, deep down in my heart does not feel right} I will live my life with belief and hope and faith, because it is a happy life. It is a good life. One filled with comfort, love and service. And I am so thankful for belief at times like this. It makes it so much more a celebration of a beautiful life than a time of sorrow.