Thursday, January 12, 2012

Airplane, airplane, take me home.

I fly across the sea soon. Tomorrow soon. And I still have one million things I would like to write about my Europe time, since I have written very little. For now, I will say that I am happy that I came, and happy (for the most part) that I am going back. There were a few weeks where we thought we were going to stay for an extended period of time, and that possibility was enough to make me appreciate the many good things (even some better things) we have here. Still, America is where I'm from. It is what I have judged all of my European experiences against.

Just a few things I am excited about in returning:
Christmas in January.
Warm, California weather.
Peanut butter.
Almond butter.
Trader Joe's licorice.
Trader Joe's in general.
Whole Foods.
Cheap tofu.
Cheap anything.
Mexican food.
Black beans.
An avocado tree calling my name.
A lemon tree calling my name.
Cheap bananas.
Hot chocolate.
Target, and being able to take care of many needs at one store.
That my debit card will always work.
English. Glorious, English!
Bookstores and libraries with books that I can read.
Having more than five shirts to my name.
Hot water heaters lasting more than 10 minutes.
Places staying open past 2:00. Or 5:00. Or 7:00.
US dollars/absence of conversions or fees.
Electrical outlets fitting my gear.
Free restrooms.
Drinking fountains.

Just a few things I will miss:
Cheap mozzarella balls. 55 euro cents!
That gouda is the "cheap" cheese.
Better yogurt.
Cheap ritter sports.
Cheap lindt.
Nimm 2's. A fabulous and addictive candy.
Bike lanes.
Public transportation.
Not needing a car.
Markets everywhere.
Christmas markets everywhere during Winter.
The faucet's water is very cold or very hot.
Formage Blanc.
Street food.
D'arbo jam. It is the best non-homemade jam I have ever had.
Architecture in general.
Copenhagen in general.
Our International Ward.
German lessons.
Jovero family.
Meservy family.
Katherine and Eric (who beat us back to North America).


Cumorah said...

I love that you love making lists. Me too. These are good lists. Meet me in Reno end of April/early May!

Abigail said...


Rachel. said...

cu: for the babe blessing? that would be a good time.

abby! of course you, my beloved cheesemonger would know racclette. so good!