Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Three reasons why I love Ashley Mae.

1. Her lovely paintings of LDS temples, including this lovely painting of the Salt Lake Temple, where S and I were married. She very recently started a new etsy site, solely for her temple paintings. If you purchase a painting from this shop, 40% of the sale goes directly to the LDS Temple Patron Fund, which helps people go to the temple for the first time, who cannot otherwise afford it because the temple is too far away. Amazing, right? At this moment she is also holding a give away on her blog. Among other things, the winner gets to choose the next temple she will paint.

2. Her lovely personalized paintings. She gave this to me as a gift.

3. This lovely video, taken surreptitiously with her iphone. It also felt like a gift. The very best gift. I may have watched it on repeat after she first sent it to me, and again after our very bad accident of which I will write more about later.

I am not joking when I say Ash Mae is my favorite artist. Of anyone. At any time. She is a master of words and color and water.

Here is her watercolor of her own lovely family, including her husband Carl, who I have known and liked since I was 19, and her sweet baby Remy, who I have known and liked since I was 27. Three cheers for Ash Mae!


Elisse Newey said...

I second those three cheers!

NatAttack said...

All such lovely lovely things. Thanks for the link to the giveaway! I (of course) put my vote in for Boston. XO.

Rachel. said...

Nat: I sincerely hope she does Boston one day. And every temple that I love. My own mother requested Portland before she had that, and she did it! (So dreams really can come true.)