Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Warmth. Alive. Light. Green. Stars. Summer.

"Warmth. Alive. Light. Green. Stars. Summer. Warmth. Alive. Light. Green. Stars. Summer..." quietly at first, and slowly, but increasingly louder and faster as we danced around the circle in our mid summer celebrations. This chant was preceded by summer poems, summer readings, summer things. Katie had me read quotes about H.M. and we each shared what we love about this season in cheesy-go-around the circle fashion. We lit and relit candles which the wind blew out all too quickly and we danced and twirled the length of the dock, scarves in hand, flowing behind us and before us.

These festivities were followed by secret summer wishes written down on white paper and made into boats. Katie's began, "My secret summer wish is..." reminiscent of an assignment in the 5th or 6th grade starting "My summer vacation..." Still there was something healing and meaningful in writing down goals, hopes, desires in this way. I lay on my stomach and reached my arm over the edge until my white boat touched the cool black water. Then I followed its course with my eyes.

I cried on the train ride home as Rachel Sorensen held me.


rachel said...

fun. I wish I was there.

Newt said...

I love your description of it!