Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Master and Margarita

"You are not Dostoevsky," said the citizeness, who was becoming addled by Karovyov.
"Well, but how do you know, how do you know?" replied the latter.
"Dostoevsky is dead," said the citizeness, but not very confidently.
"I protest!" exclaimed Behemoth hotly. "Dostovesky is immortal!"

Amen, Behemoth (who incidentally is a cat). Amen.

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Rachel. said...

p.s. What I love the most about this, is that it is both mine and my brother's favorite part in the whole book. A book he gave me three Christmases ago, that I only now read (shame on me, I know). He only mentioned that his favorite line was said by the cat, Behemoth, and that it was near the end. That was all, or nearly all. But as soon as I came across it, I felt the same love, and was sure that it had to be the part. I emailed him asking if that was it, and it was.