Thursday, July 9, 2009

Saturday in the park. I think it was the fourth of July.

I liked:
Bus conversations with Derik. Wishing Jessica a happy birthday on her birthday. Zen pizza. Australian licorice. All of Provo being in New York. Sitting on the curb at Union Square with Regan and watching people pass. Sunshine. Battery Park. The honey voice of Jenny Lewis. Seeing Conor Oberst in the flesh. His darling hat. Being surrounded by so many people that I love, including my two favorite philosophers and all of my favorite graphic designers (minus Meg). Later choosing to turn around and walk home instead of watching the rest of NY's fireworks. Eating candy. Sleeping. Waking up slowly. Sunday School. Sitting with Julia. Regan wearing his perfect red vest. Passing Stephen on NY city sidewalks. Blueberry pancakes made by Jessica with love (which was actually the second time she made me pancakes in one week). Sunday napping. Laying on the grass eating cherries and reading at central park--Jack Kerouac's On the Road. Vegan buritos. Wandering nearly empty streets. The night air. The water we walked to. Eating street falafel on park benches the next day. Coconut popsicles. Getting back to Boston after a long ride. Having it not be rainy. Sleeping in my own bed.

Bless Jessica for taking such lovely pictures.


Rupeshow said...


Jendar said...

and this is why i love nyc so much.

Rachel. said...

Jendar. Come back to America already. All of the East Coast misses you.

Jessica said...

you forgot Mr. Softee.

BTW - looked up nutrition facts last night for my favorite frozen delight... shouldn't have done that.

Can you add "and bless Jessica for taking such lovely pictures"?

Rachel. said...

I didn't include Mr. Softee because this trip it wasn't as magical for me. The only one I had was when I already had a full stomach from the delicious pizza and or smoothie I had just consumed. But I should add "and bless Jessica for taking such lovely pictures."

Maybe I'll tack it in at the end?

Rachel. said...

Did it.