Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sleepover city.

Derik: Who would you have tuck you in?
I know who I'd have. President Obama.
No...who would be really good at tucking in? A really motherly person?

Me: Mother Theresa.

Derik: No. That would be kind of weird. Who would tuck me in?
I would actually want some really big black lady to tuck me in, like Aunt Jemima from the pancake comercials. She would give me warm maple syrup.

Me: And cold water.

Derik: And cold water. She would sing me some gospel song. Kiss me goodnight. But wouldn't you think Aunt Jemimah would be really good? Aunt Jemimah. She'll treat you well, you know.

Jessica: Paula Deen. I bet she's a really good tucker in lady. She'd bring me milk and cookies.

Me: Oh. I know who I would want. I would want a really great story teller, like Orson Scott Card. Sci fi. He could tell me really creative stories everyday.


Lauren Kay said...

That's the best conversation ever. I really like the Aunt Jemima possibility. I do think the Fairy Godmother from Cinderella would be good too. She'd whip up something really comfortable to sleep on/with. Maybe clouds or something. Chubby ladies seem to be the best.

Rachel. said...

Lauren, I love your Fairy Godmother idea. In fact, I think that takes the cake.

Other good conversations from that night:

Derik: ... the ketchup principle: if foods okay, just mediocre, it takes it to the next level.
You think life's good, put Siga Ros to it. It gets better. Cold water. Laughing babies.

Derik: ...The other day, the other night, I was trying to make friends with kids on my floor. There's this kid who plays champion chess tournaments. I challenged him, started talking trash to him..."It's because you've never been challenged before." "Are you going to challenge me?"

Six moves in I'm in deep trouble, faked a phone call. "I've got to take this." Walked out. Never came back.

Asking him to rematch him.

Reason 137 why we like to have Derik around.

Coco said...

Oh my gosh, I love you both. So hilarious!

Jessica said...

you know who wouldn't be a good tucker inner? Gwenyth Paltrow.

... unless you had a thing for her.
Caugh* austin * caugh

cate said...

I totally agree with "Jessica". Paula Deen would be my ideal tucker iner. There is no better way to send yourself into the sleeps than with a delicious and slightly over indulgent meal. Yep. Paula Deen for me.