Friday, July 17, 2009

I'm glad it's your birthday, Dear Mother.

Happy birthday, happy birthday to you.

A few things about my mother: She is nice. She likes cats more than dogs. She is very, very good at Jeopardy and/or Trivial Pursuit, and will smash me every time. She loves other games as well. She is not very good at answering her phone, but is very good at calling back. She is overly generous (especially to her grandchildren, but frequently to her children). She is a good tucker inner, and would lay in my bed with me for extended periods if I happened to be sad. She gave me as many popsicles as I wanted when I had the flu, and let me wear my tiara every time I got sick. She attended every track meet, every volleyball game, every basketball game. She is the best letter writer. She is the queen of Sunday dinners and graciously allowed my siblings and I to invite our friends. She loves whoever we love. She loves us. She is an Oregonian at heart. She is very pretty and is aging well. She is funny. Her ice cream is very important to her. This love was inherited from her father. She has since passed it on to me. It was not uncommon growing up to have 6-9 different flavors in the freezer at a time. This may be because she let whatever child accompanied her to the grocery store choose his or her favorite. Other things passed on to me by my mother: my blue eyes, my love of gardening, reading, sparklers, Disney Land, cinema, and The Beatles.

Thank you, Madre!


max everything said...

Three cheers!

Anonymous said...

That was fun. I learned a few things about your sweet mum.

Rachel. said...

She is pretty sweet. And as per Hyrum and Charity, I also agree with this written statement, even one year later, excepting the timeliness of her phone calls. That could be improved. :)