Wednesday, February 17, 2010

February fourteenth, pt. 2.

This year I lay on a couch in New York City wearing clothes I wore the day before, watching the Truman Show, and eating brownies made by someone that I love and ice cream made by Ben and Jerrys. The brownies were accompanied by song, and carried a single candle in the middle. I blew it out and made a wish. It was 1:37 exactly. The wish came true almost immediately (though not necessarily in the way I would have hoped). A few hours later I boarded a bus back to Boston--the land of cobblestone paths and granite curbs--to the realization that I am always boarding something. I am always in between.


Cumorah said...

so what was your wish, i wonder? and how did it come true? so curious. call me sometime cutie pie. love ya,

Rachel. said...

because you are my sister I will tell you. but only on the phone.

meg said...

i need to call you again.