Friday, February 26, 2010

Words written on my hand by a wise woman, nearly two years ago.

I guess nothing really matters besides the following:
1. relationship with god family and sometimes other people
2. horchata
3. kissing
You have many of those things. Maybe you just need the horchata.

They are still applicable.


Evelyn Perri said...

i definitely need more horchata in my life.

Sylvia said...

Lucky for you that you live in Boston - you can get your horchata fix fairly easily here, thanks to Ana's Taquería. (If you have not met the wonder that is Ana's, you should. Promptly. [Although since you're a vegetarian maybe it won't appeal so much to you... oh well, you should still go.]) Ana's has locations in Davis Square, Porter Square, and in the MIT student center.

(You're welcome!)

Rupeshow said...

rachel, if you ever come to LA we'll take you to this spot next to my house with the BEST horchata.

Newt said...

Also there's an Ana's on the C line in Brookline.

Love ya Rach!

Becca Lou said...

wow. i need all of these things but mainly more rachel.