Monday, February 22, 2010

Concerts I have attended in the course of my life.

Weird Al (2)
Dave Matthews Band
Matchbox 20
Dashboard Confessional
Our Lady Peace
Counting Crows (2)
John Mayer
Frou Frou
Hot Hot Heat
French Kicks
I am the World Trade Center
The Strokes
Details of Speech
OK Ikumi
Death Cab (4)
Taking Back Sunday
Saves the Day
Ben Kweller
Fiery Furnaces
Yo la Tengo
Apostles of Hustle
Peter Bjorn and John
Bishop Allen
Page France
Tegan and Sarah
Ryan Adams and the Cardinals
Shout Out Louds (2)
The Liars
Sonya Cotton
Delta Spirit
Clap your Hands and Say Yeah
The Big Sleep
Broken Social Scene
Adam and Darcie
Johan the Angel
Uzi and Ari
Citizen Fish
Holly Go Lightly (2)
Drew (again and again)
Black Kids
Mates of State
Shakedown at the Majestic (2)
Jenny Lewis
Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band (2)
Beach Boys
Regina Spektor
Ok Go Magic
The Walkmen
White Rabbits
The Low Anthem (2)
Blind Pilot
Julian Plenti
Magnetic Fields

Robert Francis
Lawrence Arabia
Mimicking Birds
Jakob Dylan & Neko Case
Morning Benders
Neon Trees
Forest World
Freelance Whales
Franklin For Short
Kings of Convenience
The Antlers
The National
Boston Pops
Toby Keith

The New Pornographers.
Gillian Welch.
Conor Oberst.
Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan.
Jenny & Johnny.
Bright Eyes.



meg said...

when did you see magnetic fields? i wish...

Rachel. said...

one to two weeks ago. it was like a lullaby. they are coming again soon. or maybe just to new york, but I want to go.

bsa said...


Kristina said...

And to think I have only been to 3 of those with you. I think. Do you remember the best one we ever had?

Rachel. said...

my mission one? meeting death cab's chris walla? or the strokes?

Ashley A. said...

This list is amazing. I had no idea you'd been to so many. I love that you've been to a Weird Al concert. :)

Natalie Percival said...

What a memory-you have remembered this many, and so I know you have had great experiences. You know, looking at this fabulous list makes me remember the only concert I already knew you attended...oh no-were you there? Mormon Tabernacle Choir in Sacramento? A concert that seems very far away from your list somehow. It didn't quite have the same kind of mood as the rest of your list! I chuckle.

Rachel. said...

Natalie, I was there, and loved that concert with all of my heart, though it is admittedly different than the others. :)

It was my first or second week in the field, and it meant I got to see Melanie Powell, so I was ecstatic.