Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Every book/person I have loved the most in my life.

Lately I wish that everyone I love has read all of the same books as me, so instead of fumbling to explain my feelings, I could say, "Today I feel like Anna Karenina in the scene when..."

Yesterday I might have felt like Levin.

To the person I most wish to communicate with, I would explain, "I am the fox and you are the little prince when the little prince says goodbye." Or perhaps, "I am every character in The History of Love." Then, then I might be understood.


Cumorah said...

Honey. I wish I could give you a hug. Love you.

Street said...

I just love you so effing much.

Also, in a sort of related way, when I first moved to NC I knew that it was going to be my most favorite place to live, because whereas all conversation roads at BYU had led to relationships, in NC all conversation roads somehow led to books. I was happy about that. but, yes, i wish I had read all the books you have read so that I could more perfectly understand how you feel.

cate said...

Well said.
Or maybe well read.

One way or the other I think you're great.

dana rose said...

Levin and the have me on those two at any rate.

Rachel--you are entirely lovely. It seems to come so naturally.

Also---I know I'm not your sister in the literal sense...but what was your 2.14 wish?

Rachel. said...

Dana, I will tell you too.