Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tyson's band.

Today I learned Arson Car's afore pictured ep, Vestiges, is available on itunes. It was a nice discovery. Namely because its good, but also because the singer is important to me. Like a brother. I saw him every day of my life before moving to Boston, and he is one of the people I missed the very most after getting here. Now he is in England studying sort of the same thing I am studying, which is nice too, because his desire to go (as well as his previous desires) helped him understand my own dilemma of library school over law school perfectly. He also sent me this encouraging article a very long time ago. Thank you, T.H.


t h said...

Thanks Rachel. I miss you too. We'll have to compare library school stories on Christmas break. And thanks for plugging the ep!

Todd Langston said...

Great article by the NYTimes!

Rachel. said...

Tyson, you are welcome.

Todd, very true.

Eat, drink, be literary.

Todd Langston said...

eat, drink, be literary = my new favorite axiom

amber said...

hi rachel!
love amber.

Rachel. said...

hi amber! thank you for letting me know of said itunes release via your blog.

love rachel.