Thursday, October 15, 2009

On friendship.

This last weekend Hediyeh and Pete came from New York, and Lia Kim came from New Haven. It was nice simply to be with them, regardless of what we were doing. This was true even when we did very little--a walk here, a feast of grilled cheese and tomato soup there. Most of our time was spent talking, and also listening. Ofttimes the wind blew strongly in the background. Still, in those conversations I was reminded just how much I love being with people who have known me the length of time that these friends have. There is something so comforting in the depth and steadiness of relationships spanning years.

Then on Monday I basked in the glory of all that is Katie, and was deeply and irrevocably reminded of the beauty of new friendships--or newer friendships--and found myself amazed at the way nascent relationships may feel like they have spanned years. While previously camping in New Hampshire together, just minutes before falling asleep, Katie told me that friendship is "laughing and crying and thinking." I am convinced that she is right, and we have been all of those things for each other, and will continue to be so, thus providing the same sense of steadiness and depth. Thankfully Monday was a laughing day (and maybe a thinking day) where we could just make food and lay in my room on our respective computers for hours, warm and full and happy.


Newt said...

Monday was a very. good. day. I agree with you both about old friends and about new ones.

I am such a lucky ducky to be able to say you are my friend.

Rachel. said...

I am so glad you are my friend, Katie Kate. So glad.