Friday, October 16, 2009


1. I have been vegetarian for exactly one year.
2. Within that year the longest I have gone without candy is two weeks.
3. I am not fond of fall's recently bordering on winter temperatures.
4. They already make me want to stay in as much as possible, and make it infinitely harder for me to leave my bed and/or house.
5. I am trying my best to combat these feeling by putting as many warm things inside of me as possible (think herbal tea and soup) and by putting as many warm things on me as possible (think scarves and caps and sweaters).
6. It is a little bit working.
7. I have eaten pizza every day since the 1st of October for pizza month.
8. For some reason this reminds me of undergrad and Club PB & J with Spencer and Davis, where our motto was "I eat PB & J all day everyday."
9. It also reminds me of other things I do in my life on repeat.
10. My publishing class was guest lectured this week by 2007's Hottest Man in Children's Literature, Scott Magoon.
11. He is still handsome in 2009, and the art director of Houghton Mifflin's children's department as well as an illustrator on the side.
12. After class I went to the Coop where I judged books by their cover. Or at least their design, per an assignment.
13. My favorite designed book was called Three Questions.
14. I once spent an entire summer reading nothing but Kierkegaard and feminist theology, and am now spending an entire fall reading almost nothing but young adult literature.
15. For the latter reason I am pretty sure my local librarians must either think I am 16 or ridiculous.
16. I wasn't really bothered by this until I had to read Gossip Girl.
17. That day I felt utter shame, as well as a strong urge to explain myself by muttering something like, "I'm really smart, I read philosophy..." But I remained quiet.
18. Yesterday I stayed up all hours of the night to finish The Perks of Being a Wallflower. It was simple, and sad, and happy all at the same time, which made for a very beautiful, tear inducing book.


Sam said...

Don't tell them you're smart and read philosophy, show them you're smart and read philosophy. Slip Gossip Girls innocuously in between Concluding Unscientific Postscript to Philosophical Fragments and Sexism and God-Talk.

"What, how'd that get in there? Oh well, I might as well take it; I wouldn't want to burden you with reshelving it.

Although, this would definitely tip the scales in favor of them thinking you're ridiculous.

Sara said...

I envy your life.

L'homme pressé said...

I think you're ridiculous.

naomi said...

I think you love candy, and this endears you to me because I love candy.

A Real Good Bet said...

I love young adult literature! I think that was my favorite class. Of course, I never had to read Gossip Girl . . . I didn't realize that was a book, I thought it was a cheesy t.v. show.

e.p. said...

Many, many hearts!!!

Rachel. said...

Sara, I do live a charmed life.

David, you think I am a dreamer. You told the world.

Lia, Gossip Girl is both a cheesy tv show and a series of teenage books, describing intermittently, in profound detail, what designer clothing the characters are wearing. Those were the worst sentences. Otherwise it was okay. But still I am glad I only had to read one.

betty said...

WE LOVE PIZZA!!!! (and candy)

Librarians know you are a librarian in training and it makes them so happy. Trust me.

Jendar said...

like you, I also turned one year vegetarian on oCTOBER 16th. the thing is that I did not have time to write about it on my blog until Oct. 19. is funny how you and I decided to go vegetarian at the same time without even knowing. I also remember how I talked about it with Meg and Jessica and finding out they have also become vegetarian. is like the universe was telling all of us that it was time to stop our meat eating ways. i love being a vegetarian. it makes me so happy and less selfish. oh, and i think is funny that you had to read Gossip Girl. how are those books? I kind of really hate the show, but often wonder wether the books are better, as books are usually better than the books or tv shows.