Sunday, October 4, 2009


Today was a quiet, stay inside and listen to the rain, write in my journal and read young adult novels kind of day. It was also a lay in bed, watching conference in pajamas day--which are some of my favorite days.

Tonight Katie fed me, and gave me two things: a fairy wand that she made herself, and the soundtrack to Mary Poppins. So, so cute.


Newt said...

'Twas indeed.

Nat Attack said...

Sounds like the perfect day! I loved the rainy Saturday sessions; it was so homey to stay inside.

I so enjoy your blog Miss Rachel. XOXO!

Rachel. said...

Katie, thank you again for the presents. I told my sister Charity, and she loved it and said she wanted a wand. I told her that if she lived here it could likely come true, since you plan to make more, and she said "curses," since she doesn't live here. It was somehow funny.

Natalie, it was a perfect day. I did some checking out of your own blog earlier today, and the enjoyment is mutual. :)