Sunday, September 13, 2009

What I did on my summer vacation. By Rachel Hunt.

Nannied three blonde haired children for a few days, and in doing so drove a mini van, made meals, packed school lunches, read bedtime stories, took the little boy to baseball practice and school, the middle girl to ballet, and the littlest girl to story time at the local library, etc. Wore my rain boots/had reason to wear my rain boots, more than anyone should have to in a summertime. Played tourist in my own town. Entertained visitors/at other times was a visitor. Rejuvenated an old favorite pastime of bedroom dance parties. Realized I like Boston more than New York. Slept on my third story roof. Was scared I'd fall off of said roof. Watched numerous sunsets and one sunrise. Rode a carousel. Picnicked. Swam in Walden Pond in the daytime. Swam in Walden Pond in the nighttime. Attended a few great music shows and one terrible music show. Read in Central Park. Read in Boston Common. Listened to records on front porches. Had discussions about philosophy and love on front porches. Lived on the river trail the first time I was home. Lived on my bike the first time I was home. Made weird, but maybe funny movies with my sister. Started running again. Stopped running again. Attended a good philosophy conference. Played a lot of scrabble. Lit a lot of sparklers. Traversed time zones. Read 15 books. Made a few new friends. Lost one friend (which point still makes me sad). Took a class that actually made me like library science. Went on a good field trip as part of that class. Gave a speech on existentialism, and another on Tolstoy/rekindled my love for Tolstoy. Turned in a 30 page project. Planted a garden. Took many, many evening strolls. Enjoyed the night air on those strolls and in general. Mourned the deaths of my aunt and high jump coach, respectively. Appreciated the offerings of farmer's markets in three states. Had sleepovers with Jessica in three states. Fell in love with the movie (500) Days of Summer. Fell in love with another movie called Two Lovers that is based on my favorite story by Dostoesky. Practically lived off of cherries and blueberries. Learned how to make vegan cupcakes. Ate a lot of gelato. Made conscious efforts to write in my journal. Swam in the Atlantic. Swam in the Pacific. Slept on the beach on the Pacific. Made fresh lemonade every day for a long while. Ate pizza and ice cream every day for a week. Began having more dreams than I have ever had and would wake up actually semi remembering them (including one featuring Aristotle and another where my first thought upon waking was, "The dilemma of determinism is..."). Got burnt out on museums. Later met a nice boy in a museum. Discovered my sister in law likes bikes. Held Henry. Loved Henry, and later Emmett, my second nephew who was not even in existence pre summer. Went to Disneyland for the second time this year. Was tutored in pinball to little avail. Tasted my first fig. In Provo actually slept. Woke up at 5ish on Labor Day to watch air balloons lift off the ground, and was glad I did. Spent time in Mass. in Wayland, Lowell, Wrentham, and the Berkshires, traveled to NYC three times, Utah twice, and Oregon, Nevada, Rhode Island, DC, California, and Colorado once each.


raquel said...

I watched two lovers on the airplane. it was beautiful and sad and good. I loved the black and white pictures Joaquin takes. They are pretty. You had a good summer. I think I will make a list now.

Rachel. said...

I am glad someone else has watched two lovers. it is everything you said: beautiful and sad and good. the short story it is based on is called white nights, and is all of those things as well, and even more so. I did have a good summer, though a tiring one.