Thursday, September 3, 2009

California Adventures

For the fourth time in one year I boarded a plane in Boston and headed west. This most recent experience was by far the best because it consisted of an airport party with Julia and Marcus, wherein we ate exorbitantly priced airport candy and told each other ridiculous stories while waiting for our plane, then spent our NY layover eating pizza and watching 10 Things. Cameron's love remains pure. It was particularly nice to see Ju as she was away at Tanglewood for the summer playing her violin.

Meg picked me up at the airport since she was already in Salt Lake for a music show. I was so tired I could barely remember how to get to my parent's house, and was glad she knew the way. We roadtripped it to California the very next day, but first I visited Jessica on a borrowed bike. She had just returned from a run and sat on the curb eating cereal. Jared's mom kindly agreed to let us borrow her van that same morning, which made our trip significantly more comfortable than it otherwise would have been. (Thank you, Jared's mom.) And while I listened to much more hip hop than I would ever listen to of my own volition, we also sang along to Dashboard, Stars, The Smiths, and Magnetic Field's 69 Love Songs. I became obsessed with Coconut Records' West Coast, and all of us were obsessed with Walter Meego's Girls.

The first night in California was camping in the County of Orange, and laying in the tent whispering with Abby. It was also waking up in the middle of the night to a thunder and rain storm, and being glad Abby thought to put the rain cover on, "Just in case". Morning time was filled with cloudy skies, but breezes that smelled like a million bucks with the combination of campfires and ocean spray. We said hello to that ocean, again and again, and found it cold and seaweed strewn, but beautiful.

Emma drove down from Palo Alto on Abby's birthday. There were birthday back rubs, birthday cakes, birthday beaches, birthday babe, birthday everything. We also heard our friend's band play in West Hollywood, and ate dinner with Meg's aunt and uncle in West Lake, where they treated us with kindness upon kindness. The next day was Valencia, the best lemonade, a coy pond, figs, pinball, sushi and dancing recommendations, Hyrum and Pegah, and holding Henry for the first time. He is perfect. I told Hyrum I thought he looked like him. In response he pulled out his and Pegah's baby books, to compare.

Later there was Disneyland, reinstating Churro Club with what Leland calls the Holy Grail of all churros, and general keeping of the magic. In addition to the food and rides, the fireworks really were magical, as was the water show. I am glad Emma wanted to see both. Before heading out we all took the love meter test. I was blah. First time. Abby was hot stuff. Emma was burning. Meg was passionate. Jared was uncontrollable. I went again. Blah. Second time. So funny/mad. We spent the night in Marino Valley at Leland's, where we woke to Rowley hospitality, buckwheat pancakes with syrup and homemade strawberry jam, and his darling niece who looks like Coraline. Precious.

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