Saturday, September 26, 2009

One year.

I've been in Boston for over one year. I still remember so many things about that August 28, 2008 moving day, for instance that I ate breakfast with Lia and Becca at Guru's, but could hardly eat from scared feelings, then later sat with Becca in the basement of the HFAC, in her film lab. We both cried. At the Salt Lake Airport my mom asked me if I was making the right decision. I could only shake my head and tell her that I didn't know, but hoped so. And I did. I still do. A blog post written by my friend Chaunté reflecting on her own East Coast year mark inspired me to look at the things I've gained and the things I've lost.

The gains: An old New England home. A city that (graciously) feels like a town. That same city that does a good job living with its history. Museums. Trees. The Ocean. Dessert First Adventure Club. Outstitute. A new bicycle. An understanding of the value of one friend. An even deeper love for the Seawrights. A month of pizza. Vegan feasts and rooftop views. Trader Joes. Whole Foods. $15 bus rides to New York. A plethora of visitors. Classrooms primarily populated by women. Homework assignments that are largely practical and geared toward a real profession. Solstice/equinox celebrations that are nothing short of magical. Katie, Lisa, Ju, and Brian (among others).

The losses: A community of friends a short bike ride away. Doing the same things over and over (bike rides, music shows, art shows, dance parties). Living with people I deeply trust and care about. My little yellow house. Eden. Mountains. The campus that I came to love. Having professors who knew my name. Philosophy (which loss feels like a loss). Discussion Nights. Various clubs founded by Leland (Hot Chocolate Club, Churro Club, etc.). Daily trips to Smith's. Sunday dinners. Provo's first Friday of every month. The ability to easily straighten my hair. Meat, eggs, and most dairy products.

And like Chaunté, I wonder (and hope) that it was worth it.


Lisa H. said...

i'm so glad you came to boston. SO GLAD.

Jendar said...

somthing inside me thinks that it was worth it. and if it wasn't remember that may will be coming soon.

Rachel. said...

Lisa, I'm so glad I met you. SO GLAD.

Jendar, something inside me thinks it was worth it too. even though it has been hard. and may is soon-maybe even a little too soon.