Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fall is here. Hear the yell.

Back to school. Ring the bell.
1. I love fall temperatures.
2. Its accompanying brisk air makes me want to be outside as much as possible.
3. The leaves are already starting to change colors. For instance, a few days ago I passed a red tree while riding my bicycle. It was beautiful.
4. Sometimes I forget I have a bike here and walked 20 miles in 3 days.
5. I still like the crunch of acorns under foot.
6. I am genuinely happy to be in Boston.
7. Classes have been back in session for 3 weeks.
8. I have never felt better about school in my entire life.
9. My professors are both kind and competent.
10. The first point is extremely important to me, and has more influence on whether I like a class than anything else, likely because I am tender.
11. I finished an amazing YA novel. Uglies. For a class, but also for fun.
12. On Wednesdays I want to be a publisher.
13. I am learning about Saint-Exupéry and the first publication of The Little Prince. It is fascinating.
14. I went camping in New Hampshire. It was pretty, but cold.
15. There Austin recited Russian poetry on a canoe ride under the stars.
16. I saw Hyrum's favorite living singer. So, so good. Unbelievable.
17. I consequently heart Mark Lanegan, and his voice, and Revival.
18. I am sleeping so strange at night.
19. I always want to be the same thing for Halloween.
20. Boston Critical Mass is better than sliced bread.


Lauren Kay said...

I love fall too. I love wearing cardigans. And I love crunching acorns and I'll go out of my way to crunch leaves.

Merinmel Caesg said...

3. In the mountains here roughly half of the maples have turned to red, the other half are still green. I smelled the broken leaves of both, and the red ones have an oh-so-slightly stronger scent. The aspens are just barely starting to shake off their leaves. The weekend before last I saw no leaves falling in AF Canyon. This past weekend I watched leaves fall, nearing Slate Canyon.

13. I am reading this book, and curious as to its history.

14. New Hampshire is an oh-so-lovely place to go camping. I miss it. A lot. You should climb Mount Monadnock. And hug a rock for me.

kayte said...

i walked to school today and probably looked really funny as i purposely walked crooked so i could crunch leaves under my feet. i'm so glad others do it too.

rachel said...

what are you learning about the little prince? I want to know! I'm going to google now.

Bing said...

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