Sunday, September 27, 2009

Picking apples, making pies.

Yesterday day was fall time bliss in all its forms: gold leaves, orange leaves, red leaves, taking the scenic route, Northborough, Cambridge friends, apple orchards, apple cider, apple donuts, apple pie, apple everything, as well as hay rides, smiling children (including baby Søren), pumpkin patches, and freshly made kettle corn. Delicious. To wrap up this perfection, yesterday night was the RS broad cast and a night bike ride to and from Belmont with Katie, which inspired me to say, "Assuming we don't die, this will have been a really good idea," and inspired Katie to answer that she likes any sentence that begins that way. Thank you, New England for being so lovely.


Jendar said...

sounds like your day was absolutely perfect. i love summer and was sad that it ended. but i love fall too ann im totally happy is already here.

cate said...

I miss leaves turning color. There is no such thing as autumn here in Austin. It is a great town but it has a gaping hole when it comes to the fall. Thanks for your post. I am living vicariously.

I will say the apples are still crisp and cidery here and I can still buy myself a proper pumpkin.

Rachel. said...

Jendar, summer is nice, but I like fall more, and am likewise happy its here.

Cate, at least you get to swim outdoors year round, which is an anomaly. A nice anomaly. And I'm glad the apples are still crisp. Otherwise it would be a travesty.