Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ultrasound done. Its going to be a boy.

I got that in a text message today from my brother Hyrum, and all I can say is awesome. While I love girls and love my nieces, I am thrilled that I will have another nephew and thrilled because he'll be the first boy baby with the Hunt name. Hyrum will be the sweetest dad--he is already so cute with Bella and Az. I am excited for him and excited for Pegah. Last I heard their boy name of choice is Henry. I like it, so hope it sticks. This name would also be awesome since the middle name, which I can't remember, but know starts with a K and is after Pegah's father, would result in Hyrum's initials: HKH. I'm pretty sure this is part of the appeal, but if Henry fails there is always Senator, which name I genuinely love, and also Cheeseburger, which name Hyrum has tossed around since childhood.

The proud parents to be.

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