Friday, January 30, 2009

Fall Happenings Part II: Past visitors/past visits

Francesco and Evelyn visited from New York. We saw Drew play at BU. I loved Drew at BU. It made Boston feel like Provo. Some of our new Boston friends came too, which was great. The next morning we walked around Cambridge and pretended to go to Harvard, except for Max who really does go to Harvard. We kept making jokes about playing frisbee on the quad. We watched conference at the Seawrights. Betty came back from her own trip to New York with yummy cupcakes from her favorite bakery.

That night I enjoyed my first professional soccer game.

On the ride home, the phrase "Boston! No parents!" screamed out the car window is one of the reasons, but not the only reason why I love Francesco. Other reasons why I love Francesco: his penchant for story telling, his loyalty to a Salt Lake soccer team, the fact that he still calls me Precious Rachel, and his love of clapping, 80's dancing, and Evelyn. On the long drive we also played the ipod game, which I wouldn't so much say is a game as it is an organized way to take turns choosing music, except for the fact that there are rules and they are well enforced.

Soon after that, Rachel and Dave Eastin came from Provo. After debating the offerings of Rhode Island and Maine, a secret vote was cast, and we went to a Portland that wasn't in Oregon. There we saw grown men dressed as lobsters and fell in love with creepy masks. Elizabeth sadly dropped her phone in a toilet at the Whole Foods.
On Halloween Courtney and Quin came from D.C., Virginia to see Bane play their hometown. It was my first hardcore concert experience, and I somewhat surprisingly didn't hate it, but just thought it was fun and funny.
I also fell in love with fake meat, went camping in New Hampshire, and made friends with a lot of thoughtful married people at Outstitute (think a more liberal version of Institute).


Ashley said...

I love all of these updates! It looks like you are having a blast. I just love the way you write because it reminds me of you speaking and that makes me happy. :)

Anonymous said...

not only have i met your friend francesco, in brooklyn last spring, but i want to meet your friend max! i have a pic of him AND an email written by him, posted to my secret liberal blogg (tehe), because it appears we are both members of mesj boston chapter...!

fun fun fun connections... :D