Friday, January 30, 2009

Fall Happenings Part I: DFAC

I heard a crowd of Bostonians decked out in Red Sox paraphernalia chant "Utah! Utah!" in a crowded t station, and wondered if that was what they were really saying. I asked my dad, who was still in town with me, and it really was. It was the day Utah upset Michigan in football. Max called me one of my first weeks in the city and asked if I wanted to get vegan ice cream with he and his wife. I said yes. He then asked if I wanted to get dinner after.  I said yes.  And with that, Dessert First Adventure Club (DFAC) was born. We had weekly Thursday meetings for awhile before school/life got too crazy. Early club meetings included exploring the north shore and walking around Walden Pond before eating the largest and best sandwich. The pond was beautiful and peaceful just as I suspected.  It was also warm and large, which I didn't suspect. 

One night we heard Juno Dias speak at MIT with Lisa before heeding the call of a strange man on the street to check out a somewhat disturbing scientology exhibit damning psychology/psychologists, which had a questionair at the end asking, "What did you find most disturbing?" We had a sleep over where I heard the history of Max's life, or at least the years since his mission. We ate so much delicious vegan pizza, usually at Veggie Planet, and so many delicious vegan brownie bites, always at the Seawright's. In the month of November, affectionately dubbed "Pizza Month" by all involved, we had hour long philosophy discussions about the nature, form, and definition of pizza, which usually ended with one or all of us asking rhetorically, "WHAT is Pizza?!"

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