Saturday, January 31, 2009

My bedroom is a photo booth

and a movie theater, and other things.

Friday night two of my friends and I gathered on my bed to take these pictures
and to watch this movie.
My friend Jon had his mac book with him too, so we were taking pictures with both of our computers at the same time which made it ultra ridiculous.

I watched The Fall just once before in Salt Lake at The Broadway, but knew that I loved it enough to want to own it, which I do now. I still think it is so beautiful and also sometimes sad. What I love best about it is the striking cinematography, the little girl that is so charming, and the man that is so handsome. I am also fond of the words "googly googly, go away." Katie and I want to make bandit Valentines now, because of their masks. I hope we do. I love evenings like this one that help me me feel good about being in Boston.