Sunday, October 31, 2010

This may have been my most adult Halloween.

If adult Halloween means not dressing up, and wearing glasses and pajamas, and passing out candy to tiny trick-or-treaters ringing the doorbell of my suburban home.

At least I had this little lion man to keep me company for part of the night.


kaci + tom said...

oh man. it seems that all the cutest halloween kids this year were lions. like this one:

i kind of wish that we lived in a place where trick or treating was more regular. we got two doorbell rings the whole night.

Newt said...

Sounds awesome to me.

Cumorah said...

dear sweet rachel.
i believe i have been an adult for quite some time now. and i have never, not once, had the halloween you described. we dress up here. no matter the age. we party. we dance. it's a magical day. one of these years, you'll have to come spend a real adult halloween with me. it would be splendid.

Cumorah said...

p.s. if you're spending a comfy evening at home (which of course is lovely) who wouldn't want to spend it with that little cutie? dang that boy is handsome. love the costume. i'm sure his little sister will be just as adorable!!! jealous that you'll get to see her soooo soon!

Rachel. said...

kaci, that lion is precious. especially his curls. and it would have been great if we could have shared some of our trick-or-treaters with you, as we ran out of 8+ bags of candy around 8 o'clock.

newt, :)

cumorah, yes, I should have clarified that it was not a boring halloween, just a calm one. and the not dressing up was my own fault. I planned to, but felt too tired. one day still I would like to celebrate it with you and your little ones. they always have such great costumes.

I am seriously the luckiest. I can't wait to see jag. I hope she looks like a hunt!