Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy thoughts.

(from the last week alone)
  • a friend who gifts plane tickets for a (very) early birthday present.
  • direct West to East Coast flights.
  • DC in the fall.
  • the best bed.
  • the best sleeping imaginable in said bed.
  • little East Coast houses.
  • late night talks with Nate including the phrase, "... will help cultivate your Russian soul."
  • banana oatmeal cookies.
  • ordering exactly the right thing at dinner.
  • five year friendship reunions.
  • eating pie in bookshop cafes.
  • a red tree that was green the day before.
  • dresses with pockets.
  • hugging Lauren Richey in church parking lots.
  • long drives through fall foliage.
  • passing the Potomac.
  • picnics in parks.
  • watching planes fly overhead with Daniel and Brei.
  • (everything concerning Daniel and Brei.)
  • reading children's books out loud.
  • Sunday dinner with Chris and Becca.
  • hearing their three year old speak French.
  • late night talks with Kristina.
  • H picking me up from LAX.  
  • being welcomed West with a Persian feast at P's grandma.
  • kisses from that grandma.
  • a lovely, surprise package from one K.W.
  • and so forth.


Lauren Kay said...

AW! I feel so loved! YOU are my happy thought of the last week! SOOO good to see you.

Cumorah said...

yay for happy thoughts. my happiness today: being the cool class party mom, and having my girls be young enough that THEY still think it's cool too.

Rachel. said...

Lauren, it was genuinely so nice to see you, and talk in church parking lots with you. Next time I will plan better, and our chat will be much longer. Thank you for you!

Cumo, that is a happy thought. I suspect you will be the cool mom for a long time to come. That is just your style.