Sunday, October 10, 2010

Still sick.

+ Hyrum to me this morning, "You sound terrible. I love you, but you sound terrible."
+ Earlier this week to his boss, "My sister looks like she is going to die," which also is to say "terrible," and it was true.
+ My head feels like it weighs one hundred pounds.
+ Each time I try to stand up I feel like I'm going to fall down.
+ I don't have the energy to do even normal things.
+ I just ate chicken for the first time in two years, because it was there, and I was hungry, and couldn't bother making anything.
+ I am out of juice.
+ I was out of kleenex.
+ When I sneeze blood comes out.


Beast said...

Aw feel better soon.

Erin said...

Did you go to the doctor?! If not, Go! Hope you feel better soon. xoxo.

kaci + tom said...

poor soul. i second the doctor idea!

Newt said...

I third the doctor idea. xo

betty said...

forget the doctor. it's probably a virus. I think I have it too actually :(

Rachel. said...

I did forget the doctor. I guess I just assumed all signs pointed to the flu, and that I would get over it with rest and fluids. Here at day 9 I am wishing I did go in last week, but now it just seems silly. And miracle of miracles, today does seem better.

Betty, I hope your sick/rest/sleep time is not as long, and that Pizza Month may go forward unabated.

Jendar said...

i ate some pork yesterday by mistake. i hope you get better. x

Rachel. said...

Jendar, remember how we have both been vegetarians for almost exactly two years? I hope and trust the vegetarian gods will forgive us for our last week's mishaps.