Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My brother cares about my safety.

Approximately once a day, some form of the following conversation takes place:

Hyrum: Where are you going?

Me: Running. (Walking. Dancing. Movie watching. Etc. Etc.)

Hyrum: Okay. Be safe. (Very occasionally: Okay. Be careful.)

It has been a long time since I've lived in a situation where someone I resided with felt responsible for me in this way. There is something comforting about it, to know there will be a light left on for me. Following the one night last week where I actually was out with friends until a very late hour (or very early hour, depending), he and my sister-in-law both related that the first thing they did upon waking was to peek out the window to see if the Volvo and (by extension) I, had made it home. It is sweet, really.


Cumorah said...

Aaah. Feels good to be loved. I would do the same. :)

bsa said...

I know that this doesn't really fit as a comment to this post (mmm...ok...how about "other people care about my safety, too" ?)...as much as I can "give" it, I "give" this to you:


Rachel. said...

Cumorah, gracias. My sister is a good sister.

Bronson, thank you for also caring about my safety, and for sometimes saving me in New York. I can think of at least two instances, but there are likely more. Thank you too for the song. It is lovely.