Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Marching Bands of California.

The other morning I woke up to sounds of the local high school's marching band. It was not that awesome, as it was a. significantly earlier than I planned on waking, and b. confusing. It happened once my first week here as well. That time in my half conscious state I remember thinking I was dreaming of a marching band. When I awoke fully it dawned on me that I now live by a school, and that it probably really was a band. Later I asked my brother, and sure enough. This time in my semi conscious state I kept thinking, "Why is Hyrum playing the drums this early? Why did he set up the drums in the garage? He has to go to work. He's expected in court this morning... etc., etc." I was thoroughly perplexed. Now I wonder if every time it happens my subconscious will find some new way to explain the sounds streaming through my bedroom window. It seems possible.


bsa said...

I'm seeing something like this:


Rachel. said...

Yes! That video is great.

I only wish it were something like this:


bsa said...

that's cheating. They can't just sing about marching bands, they have to BE marching bands. cheaters.

Rachel. said...

But I would rather wake up to Death Cab playing outside my window than a high school marching band. That is all.