Monday, August 23, 2010

When the cats are away, the mouse will...

  • swim twice a day.
  • tan by the poolside.
  • read by the poolside.
  • go on multiple walks/runs.
  • go to Trader Joe's.
  • make homemade guacamole.
  • proceed to eat homemade guacamole for every meal.
  • brave the freeway/crazy LA traffic twice.
  • visit her grandma.
  • nap.
  • try to find Anthropologie.
  • get profoundly lost/scared.
  • cry.
  • somehow make it home.
  • listen to Arcade Fire's Suburbs on repeat.
  • go to church alone.
  • wish she had friends here.
  • wish the cats would come back.
Awesome-town is a whole lot more awesome when H & P are present. Utah, please return them.


kaci + tom said...

i would love to eat guacamole with you by the pool. if only there weren't a whole continent in the way.

Rachel. said...

bless you, friend.

(and curse that continent. or just semi-curse.)