Friday, August 20, 2010

My new everything.

My new home:
My new house:
My new housemates:
My new Volvo:
My new swimming hole:
My new dress:
My new(est) album purchase:


ju said...

wow, rache, you got the sweet hook-ups! enjoy the sun!! <333

Beast said...

looks fabulous!

Newt said...

New look, same great taste. Miss you, miss. Can I by any chance come and visit you some time? Heh heh heh.

kaci + tom said...

that all looks lovely. hope you're enjoying the other coast!

Nat Attack said...

Your life looks inspiring.

Ashley A. said...

I love Valencia! My sister and brother-in-law used to live there. I hope you like it there. Your nephew is so adorable and I LOVE your new dress!

Will you tell Meghan congrats for me? I love all of your wedding pics. It looks like it was a beautiful wedding.

PS Thank you for your nice comment on FB. :)

L to the I to the Z said...

New Volvo?! What??! Girl, I'm jealous of all these things listed. I'm pretty sure I'm west coast bound after graduation. You make it look very appealing!

Todd Langston said...

YOU are a great adventurer. All the world is proud.


Cumorah said...

their house is so cute! i hadn't seen any pics before. and did you buy hyrum's old car? i'm so confused. hope you're loving it there - it all looks so great!

Rachel. said...

Ju: my brother is taking good care of me.

Beast: it is!

Newt: visit me!!!

Kaci: thank you!

Nat: thank you!

Ashley: you are so kind, I will tell Meg, and the fbook photo comment was much deserving.

Liz: new to me/come west!!

Todd: it looks like we are BOTH adventurers. :)

Cumo: their house is lovely. he is kindly letting me borrow it while I stay here/watch Henry.