Monday, August 16, 2010


Twenty-two days ago I bid farewell to Boston and made my way home to Utah. My brother Joe arrived from Reno the following day, with his little family. It was nice to see them. Thankfully, the rest of my Utah time was similarly nice and similarly relaxed. I ran through sprinklers with Eden, sat on front porches with Alicia, wished Kayte Brown happy birthday on her birthday, hugged Sam Dickens, listened to Bright Eyes with Jess (per our friendship tradition), discussed philosophy/grad schools with Derik, and spent as much time with Meg as possible. I also ate frozen yogurt nearly twice a day with my sisters and/or mother. I would not have wanted it any other way.

Then, last Tuesday I repacked my bags and road tripped it to Palo Alto. It was a long drive, but not a bad one. Emma and Emma sat in the front singing along to Abba while I sat in the back completing two books. When we arrived we went to a restaurant with Meg and Jared, where I ate the best Mexican food I have eaten in years. The next few days were filled with wedding things and friendship reunions (as well as the occasional trip to San Francisco). Everything was beautiful. The wedding was beautiful. Pictures will be forthcoming. It was also particularly nice for me to be at the Oakland Temple, as the last time I was there I was a missionary and the first time I was there was for my brother's wedding.

Now I live in Valencia, California with another brother, and another sister in law. I love them too, and their son Henry. It seems as if I will be playing nanny part-time while I continue to look for a job/figure out my life. We will see how it goes.


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