Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Last week.

1. The Saturday before last I dressed as a librarian for a pre Halloween party, which is admittedly two parts nerdy, one part awesome.
2. Later my library school friend asked incredulously, "You went as yourself?" I could only answer, "Yes. Yes I did."
3. Last Monday I had a boring class, but a good hallway/lobby conversation after that boring class.
4. Last Tuesday there was nothing to write home about.
5. Last Wednesday I watched a premier of Gentleman Broncos with Courtney and Quinn. It was funny enough.
6. Following, Jared Hess did a question and answer session, which was more than funny enough, particularly in its revelations of ridiculous real life experiences inspiring certain scenes, and his descriptions of Utah and Idaho to people in my current city.
7. I was also introduced to Spikes where I ate a decent (veggie) hot dog, made even better by good tunes and good company.
8. Last Thursday, Max and I went to Cambridge Public Library's open house. There were so many smiling people of varying ages. I liked it.
9. On the way out Betty gave us red tote bags bearing the library's logo.
10. They held a chocolate dipped fortune cookie with the fortune, "All of your questions will be answered in the new library."
11. Last Friday I heard E. Ballard speak in a beautiful Boston church.
12. Last Saturday I traveled to NY.
13. That Halloween nighttime I was a mime.
14. It rained on our parade, making my friends and I cold and wet. But it was still (kind of) fun.
15. In the midst of this, Chris, Tyler, and I wandered NY City streets through NY City crowds for over an hour searching for a restroom.
16. McDonalds was ultimately our salvation.
17. Last Sunday was Mormon church, a game of MASH, stairwells, scraped knees and hands, shared laughter, and picture taking.
18. This day I came back to Boston, which bus ride helped me finish my third book in three days.


Nat Attack said...

I love that you went to the Cambridge Public Library's open house! They're actually one of my clients--we're knee deep in redesigning their site (isn't it awful?) and so I've been over there several times in the past few months. The building is gorgeous!

And so are you! XOXO.

Rachel. said...

Their website is pretty awful, and does not match the grandeur of the building. I'm glad you're on top of that. And thank you for the kind compliment!