Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Blind Side.

Tonight Quinn, Courtney, and I watched this movie, before our weekly dinner at Spikes. It was so, so good. That is the truest thing I can say. And also that Sandra Bullock was impressive, and it was sweet, and funny, and sometimes sad, and almost always tear inducing, but generally in really inspiring ways. I think we all left the theater wanting to be kinder. I left wanting to be kinder.

It has also been an amazing thing to have these friends in Boston. I knew them before, for years even. Still, there is something to be said for the closeness and knowledge that comes in riding trains together, standing in lines, and sitting in movie theaters before a film begins.


L'homme pressé said...

sometimes things are just very good and life is just happy. I love those times. Also, as much as I like complicated and snooty art films, I think a person or piece of art can do no better thing than inspire someone to be better. That's kind of what actually makes us happy is helping others be better and kinder. Well, that's what makes me happy anyway. I find that kind of reciprocity in relationships delightful. Also, I find your blog delightful.

Rachel. said...

David, I find you delightful, and like everything you said. Thank you for being kind, as always.

Jendar said...

I feel the same way about my friends here in NYC who I knew before. it makes my life in the city so much enjoyable.