Saturday, September 28, 2013

A first.

Today I attended a lovely, and deeply meaningful conference on faith and doubt in Mormonism. I may write more about this later, but for now I will say that I met a woman afterward who asked me what I study at my school. I told her, "Kierkegaard, and Levinas, and Heavenly Mother." At the last one her eyes lit up. She excitedly said, "I have to email you something on Heavenly Mother a friend shared with me two days ago! You will love it!" I felt a little silly saying it, but said anyway, "I might have written it." She opened her friend's email on her cellular telephone, and sure enough I had.

It might be the Exponent post that I am most proud of, because it is the post that I have wanted to write for five years.


Emily said...

You're famous! :) You should be proud of it. It is marvelous (I've seen a few shares of it in my Facebook feed by people I know you don't know. I hope you don't mind, I always brag that I know you).

Jake said...

That's so awesome, Rachel. Well done!

naomi said...

This is a funny story. I hope you feel proud and satisfied.