Thursday, September 19, 2013

These days

it is difficult for me to read children's books aloud without tearing up.

The most difficult for me of all are:


Emily said...

The first few weeks after having S, I bawled anytime I read any sort of "you are loved" book to him.

Ashley A. said...

Yes! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who does this. I cry every time I read the Love You Forever book you mentioned, The Giving Tree and Knuffle Bunny Free. My kids are desensitized to it now. :) I haven't read all of yours--I need to get them.

Rachel Hunt said...

Emily, I suspect that will be me too, but likely for many weeks beyond!

Ashley, I tear up when I read Love You Forever and The Giving Tree even when I'm not pregnant, and The Giving Tree would have been on my list if I happened to own it, which I do not. I haven't heard of Knuffle Bunny Free, but am looking forward to trying to find it. xo

Kate said...

My uncle illustrated library lion! It's a favorite in our house too.

Rachel Hunt said...

Kate, your uncle did a terrific job! Please tell him for me.

Martha said...

two children's books that I think you might like:

Pete and Pickles


A Splendid Friend Indeed

Find them and enjoy them. Much love to you!!