Thursday, September 26, 2013

There are three things I would really like to do in life.

(You know, aside from being a mom.)

One is finish my PhD. Two is write philosophy children's books (and possibly one theology children's book, on Heavenly Mother). Three is ride around on a bicycle and make crepes for people, a la the amazing "pancake bikes" in Denmark.

(They looked a tiny bit like this.)


Lia said...

When you achieve that third goal, let me know so I can go to wherever you are living and come visit you and your pancake bike.

And please achieve your second goal before I have children so I can read those books to them!

Hillary said...

I'm totally planning on writing a cultural theory book for kids. Because every kid should know about Foucault and Althusser and Marx.

Also, you might enjoy this if you haven't already seen it: They even have Kierkegaard.

Rachel Hunt said...

Hillary, I have seen those little puppets. I want every one! Or, at least every philosopher, starting with my Søren.

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