Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year's Predictions.

When my siblings and I were little children, my mom started a tradition that has lasted to this time. Apparently it was difficult for us to understand the concept of New Year's Resolutions, so she instated New Year's Predictions, where each person in the family predicts one thing that will happen in the coming year for every other person in the family. All of the predictions are written down and placed in an envelope for my mom to hide away (and impressively never lose) during the next year. On New Year's Eve, sometime during the day, we would gather round and not only make our predictions, but listen to my mom read the predictions from the previous year. Every time someone got a prediction right, they get a "bean" (aka: a peanut butter m&m). Eating of the m&m's is not allowed until the very end, when we can tally who got the most right. It is mostly funny, and sometimes a little sad, if things you hoped for yourself (or others hoped for you that you wanted to happen) didn't happen. All in all, it is one of my very favorite things my family does. Here are our predictions for the coming year:

Rachel predicts:
Dad will finish his book on the atonement, and sell it to the highest bidder. (Also, what happened to the red letter Book of Mormon book?)
Mom will get a new job in Provo, so her awful (sometimes snowy) commute will be over.
H will record music again. And watch Lannegan at least twice.
P will convince H to have another child (because they make such beautiful ones). But my real prediction for P is that she will sell her knitted goods (possibly on Etsy).
J will finish whatever novel he is working on at the moment. (I think it is the youth one.)
S will name her daughter Jane, and J will call her Django when S isn't looking.
Cu will write at least five chapters of her book.
D will not buy his children (and/or wife) any more weapons.
L will get offered a full-time job at the school, and can quit her night shift job for good.
Ch will get another promotion at work.
R will do something cool during the summer. I.e., work at a library, participate in Richard Bushman's seminar, or learn Danish in Minnesota.
Sp will get Best Thesis. (Everyone pray for this.)
Sa will get to move into the house of his dreams.
V will get a full-time lawyer job, and can likewise quit her night shift job.
The family will celebrate Christmas all together at Cu's house.

Spencer predicts:
Dad will get a teaching or art job.
Mom will get a promotion.
H will go skydiving.
P will get a Harley Davidson. (Rachel adds that she'll ride it while wearing her black leather jacket, and pink tutu.)
J will get a movie contract for his book.
S will actually have a boy. The doctors were wrong!
Cu will benefit by someone moving into her ward that is just as dedicated and just as creative as her, that can help share the load.
D will find a million dollar mansion in Arizona for a hundred thousand dollars!
L will learn Spanish, and meet a handsome muchacho.
Ch will get a different job.
R will get pregnant.
Sp will get his first commission in China.
S will ride a camel this year.
V will become the boggle champion of the world.
The whole family will get to go on a sub-orbital weightless adventure.


Sa said...

Really? You'll "do something cool during the summer?" That's so vague, broad, and subjective. Prediction rejected. (That being said, my prediction for D may or may not be non-falsifiable.) Also, the house of my dreams involves a replica of John Lennon's bed-pit from "Help!," so good luck with that.

Rachel. said...

You are my favorite, Sa. Today I explained to Sp how every year until you were taller than me, someone would inevitably predict you would be taller than me. It was a sad day when that prediction came true. Good luck with your house indeed. And I don't think my own prediction is too subjective at all. I enumerate the three things that would count for "doing something cool."

Merinmel Caesg said...

This exchange brings a smile.
That is all.

Cumorah said...

Oh, predictions. There were a good many years where someone left the room crying after the reading of predictions, during the shelling out of beans...yet, we all love it, and do it every.single.year. Something about a good can withstand a few tear filled eyes. I have yet to write my own predicitions, but five chapters? I think/hope I can do that. You may just be getting a bean come 2013! Happy New Year!