Saturday, December 24, 2011

Hunt Family Christmas.

I have been thinking about traditions a lot lately. Maybe because this is my second Christmas away from home in two years. Maybe just because I am nostalgic by nature. Either way, my family's holidays are rich with tradition. Some are just from when my siblings and I were small, small kids. Some have continued to this day.

+Advent calendar. (My mamma made it, many years ago. It is a tree with velcro ornaments. The first ornament placed is a star. The last is baby Jesus. Placing either is an honor).
+Setting up the nativity, piece by piece.
+Getting the Christmas tree.
+Drawing names, but not ever keeping it a secret.
+Caroling to neighbors/friends. (Each child got to choose one friend's house, and would be the presenter of the cookie platter.)
+Muppet's Christmas Carol.
+Graham cracker houses.
+One million cookies.
+Reading the scripture story.
+Acting out the scripture story. (Cumorah was always Mary, which left the rest of my sisters and I as shepherds. Lia and I would braid our long hair into beards.)
+My mother reading a children's Christmas story.
+Singing so many songs together. (Many celebrating Christmas. Many celebrating Bob Dylan and the Band.)
+Christmas pillowcases. (Made by my granny with love.)
+Matching pajamas. (Formerly made by my granny with love. Each year had a theme, and each grandchild would walk down the stairs to model them.)
+My grandpa's train set.
+Poem to Santa, Christmas Eve.
+All of the kids sleeping in the same room, or at least the same side of the house as we got older.
+Not being able to sleep.
+Charity reading The Christmas Box.
+Lia sneaking out to look at presents.
+Waking up to the sweet smell of wassail. (That smell for me is Christmas, more than anything else.)
+The youngest child cutting a ribbon to enter the Christmas tree area. (Everyone else gathers round, and there is a requisite picture.)
+Poem from Santa, Christmas morning.
+A table bedecked with treats.
+Sausage, hash-browns, hot chocolate, wassail, toaster strudel breakfast.
+Almond roca.
+Sees candy.
+Sees suckers.
+Opening presents. One at a time/youngest to oldest.
+Nicknames on labels. (Real examples from the real past include Madam Librarian, Philosopher Queen, and High Jumping Hottie.)
+Family bowling. (No one is good. No one. But we do it as a family every year, twice a year: Christmas and Thanksgiving.)
+Watching a movie at the theater.
+Playing basketball/volleyball at the church.
+Ham and turkey dinner.
+Eggnog punch, red drink, rolls, mashed potatoes, shrimp, crab salad, etc.
+Crackers, sharp Kakuna cheese, and sausage.
+New Year's predictions. (Instead of resolutions.)


What are your family's traditions? And, if you are in my family, what am I missing?

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